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Aluminum Foil Art Decor

How to DIY Aluminum Foil Art Decor. Easy and beautiful craft tutorial.

Today I wanted to show you a very simple tutorial on how to make your very own Aluminum Foil Art Decor!

You will need:
  • Foil
  • Scissors
  • Grue
  • Canvas (colored cardboard)
  • decoration striping tape lines

To start out, draw a a various size circles on the foil. To make your cutting time shorter, you can fold-up the foil multiple times and just cut one petal out making multiples! After you have all of your pieces cut out, start by placing the circle piece on the canvas off-center towards one of the bottom corners. Glue it down with mod podge, then brush mod podge of it as well. This will make the foil shinier. Once you have the center glued down, start placing the petals around the circle evenly spacing them out and making them flow together. Glue them down the same way you did the center. Once you have all of the pieces glued down, go over them with mod podge to make them shine more! Some petals will over lap the edge, that is alright! Just fold them over to the side and cut them after everything has dried! Decorate with striping tape lines.

It’s that simple to make Aluminum Foil Art Decor! This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and add your own custom unique piece to your home!

Watch the whole process here!


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