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Lavender And Other Billy Balls Craft

Lavender And Billy Balls Flowers Craft. Material From Aliexpress

Lavender and other flowers craft is an amazing and very beautiful flower, although simple in itself. But, who at least once saw the lavender field, forever fell in love with this plant. We suggest you make lavender from small balls of foam, of course, it will not have such a terrific smell, but You can place a bag of aroma near this craft.

For work we will need: foam balls, skewers, green crepe paper or florist tape (tap-tape), PVA glue, hot glue, scissors.

Lavender And Other Flowers Craft in this tutorial are made by the same technique: we apply a copious layer of PVA glue on the surface and immerse in a small bag with small balls. In the meantime, they cover the entire surface. If you can get a little extra balls around, you can carefully remove them. I advise you not to twist it for a long time, load it and take it out carefully. We are waiting for the glue to dry completely …

Finish … easy, original and with your own hands. Fantasize!

Watch the whole process here!

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