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Beautiful Flowers From Fabric

How to make Beautiful Flowers From Fabric. Easy Craft Tutorial For Sunny Mood

Even if you think you can’t sew, these beautiful flowers from fabric are super easy! Summer home decoration idea! You can make fabric flowers in any color, print or size and the flowers won’t die so they make a great keepsake for a special event. These flowers crafts would be suitable for Mother’s Day, Birthday or for a Summer Party and even as a gift to a friend on Valentine’s Day.

You just have to try one! If you don’t have any fabric lying around you could use an old sheet, clothes that the kids have outgrown, little baby things that you love, dishcloths that have outlived their usefulness and anything else made from fabric.

Next trace the circle template onto the wrong side of your fabric. The larger the circle template you use, the larger your petals and flower will be. Cut out your circles. Now fold your circle in half and glue sides with the hot glue gun on the stick. Make a lot of them!!!

It is very funny and easy to do it Yourself.

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