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Easy Baskets For Kids Party

DIY Craft From Waste Egg Tray – Easy Baskets For Kids Party

Use cardboard egg cartons. While plastic ones probably could be used, they’re liable to split when cut and be more fiddly, so this article is focusing on the cardboard ones. Any color is fine – if you’ve been collecting them and have a variety of colors, you might like to use a few different ones to liven up the baskets. Make Easy Baskets For Kids Party

Cut out a cup from the egg carton base. Cut as many cups as baskets you’d like to make. Cut with care, to maintain scallops around the top of the cup.

Add the basket handle.

Decorating the egg carton basket.

Add goodies to the basket. It can contain all manner of small items, from miniature chocolate eggs, seeds, beads, tiny pencils, little dolls, candies, jewelry, and more.

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